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Opening Ceremony - He spoke like 4minutes in german :)

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Spones, did you mean spoons ?

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Star Trek: The Original Series - A Summary

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KIRK: Now, listen, sweetheart, the Federation's movin' in. We're takin' over. You play ball, we'll cut choo in for a piece o' de pie. You don't, you're out - ALL de way out, you know what I mean?

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in star trek we don’t say “i love you” we use your body as a soul receptacle without your knowledge or permission when we die temporarily and need storage space for our katra in the interim

and if you don’t think that’s beautiful, well

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are children small, or just far away?

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ARTHUR: Gragon …
(He makes the sound of flapping wings, then roars as best as he can with his swollen mouth.)
ARTHUR: … fwoo.

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